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The Tanyvska Family

Mark with Miche, Boo, Ya, Cork and Buzz

​My first Leo, Mica came from Sally-Ann Sandalls. Born in January 2000, Michy sadly crossed rainbows bridge in August 2012 to join Wozzy (lost in an accident in 2004). Since then I have also had to say goodbye to Yana (taken far too young with osteosarcoma) and Boo (father to all four of my current Leos)

I am very pleased to say that both Mica and Boo received their 'Gray Muzzle' awards for attaining the age of 12

I first started showing over twenty five years ago with Rottweilers and Briards.

I started showing Leonbergers in 2000, have made up two UK champions and judge at championship show level. However all my dogs are pets first and live normal doggy lives.

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